Al Mouyasser Football Champions Season Two 2019

The final game between BEAUTY vs FOOD in Baghdad on 5 May 2019, sponsored by Loacker
Using for the first time in Iraq championship the VAR technique - Video Assistant Referee –
The game ended with the score 3-0 for BEAUTY
Trophy held by Captain SADEEM SADEK from BEAUTY team
Thanks to everyone and especially to Waseem Johny, Ahmad Koubaissi and Al Mouyasser Media Team

RB Best Achievement vs Target Best Distributor IRAQ 2019

Another award granted to:
FATTAL/AL MOUYASSER FMCG, presented by RB regional director Shahzeb Mahmood and RB country manager Levant Mirna Abrahamian.
Special thanks to the team for the great work!
Younan Younan
Roy Hosni
Bahnam Majeed and the whole Al Mouyasser FMCG team.

Al-Mouyasser FMCG team for winning “2018 Best Distributor Award” from Abbott Nutrition

After all, Champions are Champions in all agencies and all categories, Mabrouk to Fattal Al-Mouyasser FMCG team for winning the “2018 Best Distributor Award” from Abbott Nutrition “Will to Win” presented by LEONA GM Omar Riyal.

J&J 2018 Gold Best Distributor Award In AMET countries

For the second year in a row Fattal Al Mouyasser FMCG Iraq is winning with our partners Johnson & Johnson.
- Last year we won the J&J 2017 Silver Best Distributor Award
- Tonight we won the J&J 2018 Gold Best Distributor Award In AMET countries, presented by Carlos Olmos the global VP of Customer development and Makis Kosmatos AMET Managing Director.
Thank you Roy Hosni, Mark Assaf,and Nour Barbir & all Al Mouyasser team for making it happen.
Proudly and respectfully to all Al Mouyasser champ

Poppins 2018 award recognition

Poppins 2018 award recognition for Al Mouyasser FMCG Iraq - outstanding Team Performance.
Award was given with the presence of our Chairman Hubert Fattal & Board member Caroline Fattal presented by Wissam Sfeir The MD of DIFCO Group and Hisham Fatha.
Big thanks to Al Mouyasser Team led by Ziad Haddad and Elie Merhej.
Proud of you always.

Fastest Growing Distributor in 2018 award

Another award received today from RB Health for “Fastest Growing Distributor in 2018”
Well done Roy, Bahnam and all the team on the ground of Fattal/Al-Mouyasser FMCG Iraq and for sure more to come
Special thank to Shahzeb, Gorian, Mirna, and Hassan